onsdag 23 april 2008

e-handel a la Ralf

För er som vill läsa en hyffsat pedagogisk och övergripande genomgång kring fenomenet “eCommerce 2.0” kan jag rekommendera följande “handbook”.

The eCommerce 2.0 Handbook, by Ralf VonSosen.

Mr Ralf diskuterar kring följande 6 hörnstenar:

1. Sell everywhere – Be Seen and be shopped
Customer expectations for how and when they buy products have changed substantially over the past few years (…).

2. The Long Tail – Target niche markets
The Long Tail principle of eCommerce 2.0 is about being able to reach beyond the traditional prospect base and tap the potential of niche markets (…).

3. Customers Rule – Build a community of raving fans
Buyers were once along for the ride in the eCommerce process, Now they are in the driver’s seat (…).

4. Personalized Shopping – Make it fun to shop and easy to buy
Shopping has long been considered a recreational activity by many. Shopping online is no exception (…).

5. Mash-ups – integrate and collaborate
(Well, you get the point ☺)

6. Data is king – Collect a wealth of opportunities
eCommerce 2.0 is about collecting and managing data from all online channels to enable better business decisions (…).

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Tack för tipset. Skummade igenom dokumentet och det tycks vara en trevlig sammanställning.

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