söndag 27 april 2008

Gästbloggen - Mr R (del 1)

Nu är det dags för det första gästbloggs-inlägget, skrivet av "Mr R". Mycket nöje!

Presentation av Mr R

Mr R är Internetentreprenör och jobbat med strategi och affärsutveckling, just nu i full sving med att starta andra företaget. Intresserad av teknologier på webben som får användarna att hamna i centrum, "det är då de roliga sakerna börjar hända". Bloginlägg kommer att handla om detta, med risk för att han någon gång kommer att våga sig på att tycka till om annat.

Mr R har ordet:

The fragmentation of I,
Are you as fed up with multiple passwords and user names as I am? I mean, come on, a new set of identity credentials for each site, email account and Internet service I use. Are you kidding me? Surely I am not the only one feeling like some psycho with 17 different personalities to juggle? Of course not, it's a wide spread problem that has had the unfortunate consequence of users resorting to reuse the same set of password and user name on multiple accounts. Can you spell disaster? Criminal elements on the Internet have already taken advantage of this understandable yet stupid and happy-go-lucky practice. Successfully hacking one site with questionable security infrastructure means other accounts are vulnerable, it's the domino effect once again rearing its ugly head and the following news headline has sadly become all too familiar – "Site X hacked, millions of user accounts exposed". It's really not an even sided struggle; individuals with malicious intent are way ahead of the unsuspecting Internet populace who, like innocent lambs, are slaughtered due to careless service providers unable to keep intruders at bay. It is like the farmer trying to protect his heard of sheep spread over thousands of acres from a pack of hungry wolves, simply with the aid of a rickety fence. In other words, a loosing proposition from start to end.  

No, something is definitely rotten in the kingdom of the Internet and it's high time somebody took command of the situation. Brilliant coders out there; mount up and restore our confidence in Internet security, preferably with a solution that doesn't require a Masters in cryptography to use. I want something easy to use, reusable across the web and as secure as the keys to the nuclear arsenal. And I want it yesterday. I know what you are thinking; "What's next on the wish list, world peace?" Ok, so maybe I will settle for something easy to use, reusable on major sites, better security than we have today (something is after all better than nothing) and a system that I can start to use today with potential to grow quickly.

For the love of god, how hard can it be? If we can pry our eyes from the screen and our digital life we need not look further than the "real world" and how we identify ourselves there. Drivers license, ID card, passport; identity credentials which prove who you are and are accepted practically everywhere. While not free from problems they are reasonably safe. Why don't we have something similar in the digital world? It sure would make my life easier. I am here to say that all is not doom and gloom, there is a groundswell of innovation in the identity space, it's early days yet and more brilliant people need to direct their attention to it both from a technical and a business perspective. We are slowly but surely edging closer to adding a much needed identity layer to the Internet. I will talk about the most promising initiative in my next post and thereafter continue to rant about the implications of a wide spread adoption of an Internet identity system for us end users. It's earth-shattering stuff so stay tuned folks. Over and out.

/ Mr R

Fortsättning följer.

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